Tap 2 Store

Tap 2 Store

Digital ads have proven great effectiveness for driving local store visits. This interactive ad unit has a map component build in, allowing users to navigate directly to their nearest store.

When the ad is displayed, users will be asked to confirm the map integration. Once the map is activated, users will be asked if they would like to allow the map to display their current location. Users will see the closest store and can find additional details when clicking on the location pin. It’s possible to call the store with a single click, send messages, visits the store’s website or show directions.

Giving multiple options, Tap2Store Ads allow users to receive just the right information in their preferred way while being focused on the advertiser’s main goal: supporting physical stores.

Tap 2 Store is available in three sizes:


Interstitial / Responsive




Asset Requirements

Locator placeholder sizes

Medium rectangle
300 x 250
Halfpage ad
300 x 180
320 x 100
The delivery of the assets is best done via a PSD. Delivery of individual assets is also possible, as long as a storyboard or something similar is included to illustrate the creative layout. To ensure good image quality on retina displays, create the PSDs or assets in double size.