3D Swirl

3D Swirl

3D Swirl lets consumers engage with a product like it’s right in front of them by allowing them to rotate, zoom and expand a 3D model within the ad.

Use this innovative way to present your product to potential buyers in an interactive and fun way that tries to come as close as possible to actually holding the product in their hands. The clear focus on the product drives consideration, purchase intent and product familiarity which makes it ideal to support in-store sales. Ecommerce pure-players, on the other hand, benefit from an immersive experience that is crucial for building connections to potential buyers.

Brands use this ad to tell stories within the creative by inviting users to interact, first. When they do, they get the chance to rotate, zoom and expand the 3D model. Users can also expand the view to full screen to explore the product in even bigger detail (optional).

3D Swirl is available in the following sizes:



3D model



Asset Requirements

The delivery of the assets is best done via a PSD. Delivery of individual assets is also possible, as long as a storyboard or something similar is included to illustrate the creative layout. To ensure good image quality on retina displays, create the PSDs or assets in double size.