360 Degree View

360 Degree View

Use this format to give users a full 360-degree, interactive view of your product. Users tend to take a closer look at a variety of products before they consider a purchase. Especially categories with a high relevance of product design like automotive, electronics or furniture benefit from this interactive product presentation are faced with the challenge to deliver a proper representation of their product design by digital means.

Users can swipe horizontally across the device’s screen to rotate the object on the screen to get familiar with the product.

360 Degree View is available in three sizes:


Interstitial / Responsive


Series of images


Asset Requirements

We recommend that you add a minimum of 12 images to ensure a smooth animation.
The delivery of the assets is best done via a PSD. Delivery of individual assets is also possible, as long as a storyboard or something similar is included to illustrate the creative layout. To ensure good image quality on retina displays, create the PSDs or assets in double size.